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Richard McMunn Is An Award-Winning Entrepreneur, A Public Speaker And Number 1 Best Selling Author Whilst Making Over 5 Million In The Process.

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What type of content works on YouTube, and what doesn’t and a step-by-step tutorial on how to set up your YouTube channel, including an introduction to the all-important Creator Suite.
The (free) tools and resources needed to create your own videos and the different types of content you can create based on WORLDWIDE DEMAND.
Video audience retention rate (ARR) – what this is and why it is CRUCIAL to your success as a YouTube Channel creator and PowerPoint Slides vs. Face-to-face video (which works best and why).
How to build a successful YouTube Community & managing comments and How to get people talking about your videos (TIPS & HACKS).
YouTube video scheduling – what it is and why it’s vital to your success as a YouTube Channel creator and how and when to sell from your YouTube videos, including generating traffic and building a list.
A sample YouTube video created in LIVE MODE – watch Richard record a YouTube video LIVE and how to upload your YouTube videos (LIVE Step-By-Step Tutorial) and the critical steps you need to follow.
Hacks to get more traffic using your Video descriptions, links and TAGS, Channel Hacks to rapidly grow your YouTube CHANNEL and MONETISATION – How to generate regular/consistent income from your videos.
Steps you need to take for LONG-TERM success on YouTube Plus, lots more content, FAQ sessions and tutorials!

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