As a beginner, learning how to code can be intimidating, but contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to be a genius. If I can do it, anyone can. All you need is the desire and dedication. So, if you want to learn the programming skills needed to create computer software, mobile apps or build your own website for free, you’re in luck. In this video, I’ll show you 10 of the best websites for beginners to learn how to code online for free. Near the end of this video to help get you started; I’ll show you a free online course I feel is essential for anyone wanting to learn how to code.

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“Useful Websites” Playlist

0:00 Intro
0:36 Interactive & User-Friendly
1:13 Project Oriented
1:48 Learn by Doing
2:20 Code Practice & Mentorship
3:00 Learn a New Skill
3:55 Interactive Learning Platform
4:24 Learn to Code from Scratch
5:03 Overrated Platform with Many Paywalls
5:50 Resources for Developers, by Developers
6:26 University-Level Courses
7:02 Essential Course for Beginners

CS50 Introduction to Computer Science
General Assembly Dash
MDN Web Docs
The Odin Project


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