UPDATE: This is actually still more or less valid in Jan 2021, as I write this update!

I've been earning money writing about what I love since October 2018. And Medium is the best platform for this. Just last month, I made over $1000 writing just 6 stories.

However, Medium is always changing the rules of how to succeed, so I created this completely up-to-date video with EVERYTHING you need to take into account to start your writing career on Medium.

It's roughly split into three parts:
1. How can you get your own following?
2. How can you leverage the existing following of others on Medium?
3. Tips, tricks, background info and resources.

If you have ANY questions at all, please let me know in the comment box! I truly love making money writing about what I love on Medium, and I believe anyone who wants to should be able to.

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