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Dr Hemmel Amrania is a Google Ads wizard. He is also a PhD data scientist and both Google Ads and Analytics certified. He has a unique data-based approach to marketing  He has analysed and audited hundreds of campaigns some with ad spends of up to £10k per month.

In addition to having launched several successful eCommerce businesses, this last year alone he has generated over £2M in revenue for his clients and literally transformed businesses with his insights. Hemmel has used Google Ads to launch several businesses to date which has seen him grow his income from £2k to £80K per month.

Here's What You'll Get

How Google Ad experts optimise campaigns [LIVE ACCOUNT REVIEWS so you can see for yourself].
Tactics that will allow you to hit the ground running with PROFITABLE KEYWORDS  and winning ad copy from the get-go!.
You will learn WHERE to find profitable keywords. (Hint: Google Keyword Planner is NOT the answer!)
How to get high converting TRAFFIC from as little as 2p PER CLICK!.
How to set up REMARKETING campaigns to boost your conversion rate.
How to increase your QUALITY SCORE.
How to get  the LOWEST CPC possible [cost per click].
How to customise the Google Ads dashboard to make sure you are watching THE RIGHT METRICS every time you log on.

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